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Sunday, October 11, 2009



Have you ever stopped to wonder why some ‘fat burning’ classes actually recommend low to moderate intensity and try to keep your heart rate down? Or why some exercise machines have a chart showing low intensity workouts as being within your ‘fat burning zone’ and higher intensity workouts as being within your ‘aerobic or endurance zone’?

The reason for this is the “Fat-Burning Zone” theory (which is right…in theory). If you exercise at a lower intensity then the percentage of fat that you burn will be higher. However, since you are exercising at a lower intensity you will actually be burning less fat and at a slower rate than if you were to exercise harder!

Please Explain

When you exercise harder, the percentage of fat that you burn will go down to as low as 30%. The percentage of carbohydrate that you burn may go up to 70%. However, the actual number of calories you are burning when you increase the intensity of the exercise increases by the following:

* Brisk walking burns calories 4 times faster than resting
* Slow jogging burns calories 8 times faster than resting
* Fast running up to 16 times faster than resting

This means that the harder you exercise the more calories you burn. Although the percentage of fat is lower, the overall amount of calories burnt from fat is higher – and isn’t that worth working a little harder!


1. A 30 minute jog will burn approximately 300 calories with about 30% of those calories coming from fat – that is 90 calories from fat

2. A 30 minute walk will burn approximately 150 calories with about 50% of those calories coming from fat – that is 75 calories from fat

90 fat calories vs. 75 fat calories… The percentage of fat burnt is higher when walking but the actual amount of fat burnt is less!

Quick Tips for Fat Burning

1. The amount of fat you burn is very important, but calories do still count. Notice that if you exercise at a higher intensity you will simply burn more calories.

2. The most important factor of all, fit people burn fat faster; both during exercise and at rest! How do you get fit? Aim to work a little harder each time you exercise.

3. To get the best results quickly, from whatever “Huffy Puffy” exercises you choose
* Work as hard as you can in the time that you have
* Always aim to improve on your last workout
* Aim to do the same distance in a quicker time or a longer distance in the same time

And always remember…

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